Let me introduce to you: my dear Friends, Colleagues and Makers
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Written by Maarten 25 March 2021

Experience is something incredibly beautiful. And of course there is the other side of the coin: it can be terribly irritating too.

Sometimes you have this brilliant idea, something unique and amazing 😉 !!

And this feeling that rises from an extraordinary idea stays with you until you put the last screw in. And then you realize that tis last piece was exactly the first one you had to put in. About 388 steps before this moment.

It is so nice to make this kind of experience your own. It expands your knowledge and view. Reminds me of the quote“The only source of knowledge is experience” – Albert Einstein.

And it gives me joy to see someone experiencing it also. Recently I became the supervisor of our DailyCabin workshop. In other words, I am fully committed to the workshop and the people who work here. I make sure the surroundings are safe and complete, stock is on time, the coffee is hot and all machines work.

In this role I am getting experienced in letting go, so my colleague can experience the same thing on his own. Without intervention. Both expanding our knowledge to the maximum. Keeping in mind our corporate goal: to build a DailyCabin as best and quickly as possible. We are not a volunteer organization.

So what I mean is this. When Sietse or Samuel make something that is new to them I can do two things: I can “supervise” them in a tight way, watching and intervening based on my experience, or in a spacious way being there only on their demand.

Maybe the last option takes more time in seconds but seems to be more valuable over times. Because you will never forget messing something up. But an annoying 40-something year old who tells you what to do, you want to forget in that exact same moment you receive the well-intentioned advice.

I love this process and I love offering a place from which everyone goes home being every day more experienced than the day before.